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Thok Kian Kee, Ryan Fadden. Newspaper articles Testimonials No Thanks. Re: Federal Government's Citizen Tax. Imagine if we all could see our own name in lights before an electronic world that is such a pleasure. I would say, whatever happens, it was so worth it.Re: Trigonal Polyhedra. I had no idea this would be so fascinating.Re: Taking Oust. For years I have known there is a medical condition that no one is talking about. We must look to government agencies for answers, but they will never tell us the truth.Re: The Singularity. I never knew my name was so closely associated with something I didn't understand.Re: Get out of the Lobby. Thanks for being one of the few who can give me a real answer.Re: Free Internet. The amount of information was mind-boggling.Re: Watch out. Re: Good news for the environment. (Thanks for the info.)Re: White Night. How can I not know about this? Dr. Trigonal Polyhedra: What is it? Dr. Trigonal Polyhedra is a member of the mathematics community who discusses the trigonal polyhedron. Post a reply: Name: E-mail (will not be published): Note: Enter the text in the box below (you may need to copy and paste) along with your name and e-mail address. Mar 30, 2004 I am a college student who has an interest in Trigonal Polyhedron, thanks for posting the diagrams. I would really like to know what the difference between the tetrahedron and the octahedron is, as well as why they are related. Is there a place to go to find diagrams of more than 3 dihedra? Michael Holtz Age: 21Gender: MalePost level: Student, Postgraduate Post: Dr. HoltzEmail: michaelholtz4@gmail.comSkype: Michael_Holtz Dr. Holtz: I am currently working on a variety of topics, including the topic of the tetrahedron and the octahedron, and I would be happy to help you with your question. Note:

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